Lagos, Portugal

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Lagos, Portugal

By Fire Elf - the Best Honeymoon Destinations
Lagos, Portugal
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Lagos, Portugal

I can see my house carved out of that rock right there.

My bags are packed. Swim suit, tequila and a toothbrush..lets go!!!

Beautiful VERY but my Favorite is still the pic of Fiji Flawlessly Majestic ...... ;) thx for ALL the pics ive mentally downloaded in my imagination station of dreamscapes ...

manificent! I hope that I live long enough to see the day when I can be in Texas and be at this place through virtual technology.

Wow..stunning! And also one of the many places I will never get to see in my lifetime lol :(

eh! that is exactly my picture! :D i have sleep on that beach, and did the pic from the same angle

There's stairs that lead down to the beach and it's about a 15 minute walk down. Great beach! Soft sand and the water is still cold in the middle of the summer!

That is simply beautiful! OMG I would love 3 days alone on that beach!!!

summer time night life here believe it or not is amazing and there are many more breath taking sites in lagos , portugal....

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