Dream Palace ....Location Visovac Monastery, Croatia

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Dream Palace ....Location Visovac Monastery, Croatia

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Dream Palace ....Location Visovac Monastery, Croatia
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Dream Palace ....Location Visovac Monastery, Croatia

It's not Sibenik. Sibenik is not an island. It's the Visovac Monastery (Visovac is the name of the island). Please correct.

Speaking of monasteries. Is this a male or a female one? Lol

Margaret, it's only men - Franciscans. They open the monastery for visitors and it's truly beautiful. The monastery has gorgeous gardens, impressive museum, archive and library.

An island retreat from everyone and everything. Funny how common peoples fantasies are ... make money to get away from all the pain money brings.

That's island of Visovac,in Visovac lake, National park of Krka (Krka is a beautiful river),and the only people living there are Franciscan monks. The oldest element on the island is part of the well from 14th century. Nearest town is Drniš,10km.

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