Ancient Monastery In Armenia

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Ancient Monastery In Armenia

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Ancient Monastery In Armenia
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Ancient Monastery In Armenia

wow, its so beautiful, i love this place and want to stay in ? , its romantic :P

Beautiful. we're so lucky that we can see the world from our front rooms. I love to look at pictures from other lands.

This is absolutely incredible! What a place to live.. Dream beyond dreams!

Bartholomew and Thaddeus who came to Armenia to spread the crhistianity, and later at 301, thanks to Gregory the illuminator, the armenian king Tiridates III accepted the Christianity as state religion, and so Armenia became the 1st christian country in the world, with the 1st rpiest/church head or however you'd like to call it, Gregory the illuminator. And later the king Tiridates built a church with his own hands, stone by stone.

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