Jesus Under Water

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Jesus Under Water

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Jesus Under Water
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Jesus Under Water

The famous Maltese underwater statue of Jesus Christ was made famous Maltese sculptor Alfred Camilleri Cauchi. Work on the design and manufacture of underwater statue of Jesus Christ were evaluated in 1000 and paid for the Maltese lira Maltese divers committee headed by Raniero Borg. The Committee authorized the divers Alfred Camilleri Cauchi to perform this work in honor of visiting Malta in 1990 for the first time Pope John Paul II. Statue of Jesus Christ was made and originally sunk in 1990 in Malta, near the islands of St. Paul (St. Paul’s Islands).

Can't believe anyone would want to do this at all. As if there isn't enough of these silly ephergies above water without having the things under it! Complete waste of money too.

QUESTION: What was the purpose of putting under the water where most people won't be able to see or enjoy it?

That's some scary ass shit. If I saw that while swimming, I'd prolly be paralyzed with complete fear and drown from water entering my lungs for screaming under water.

wow the first Rio statue was actually looking up that amazing

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